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Dialogue: Racism (#32)

Jan 14, 2021

Cherry Steinwender is Executive Director and cofounder of the Center for the Healing of Racism in Houston. In this podcast, she speaks about how she went from picking cotton and cleaning houses to co-founding the Center for the Healing of Racism. And, by the way, along the way she met and married a man who spoke only German. 

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(2:28): Cherry Steinwender...

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Comfort in a Time of Great Grief (#31)

Jan 07, 2021

My sister Judy had many mantras. One of them was, "be willing to bear discomfort."1 Those of us who are committed to racial and social justice are no strangers to the discomfort of loss and disappointment. Yet bear it we must, if we are to fulfill our commitment to co-creating a world that works for everyone.

While being willing to bear discomfort has not been one of the Leading Consciously...

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Good Riddance to 2020 and Five Wishes for the New Year (#30)

Dec 31, 2020

2020 was a hard year. I am ready to put it behind me and move forward with what I hope 2021 will bring. Accordingly, I have narrowed my wish list for 2021 down to five.

First, though, let's say a gleeful goodbye to 2020. John Pavlovitz captured the essence of 2020 in a hilarious post called, "Dear 2020, Please GTFO."

Here is an excerpt:

Please forgive my inelegance… but I'm rightly...

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Behind the Scenes: When Your Name Conceals Your Identity (#28)

Dec 17, 2020

Guest blogger:  Brandon Danowsky

Even as a Latino born and raised in New York, I never considered that my last name would or could have a hand in steering my life’s direction. A last name, I thought, was a marker of unique identity to set me apart from other Brandons. What would it have to do with race, how could it impact someone’s overall life? As I walked down the...

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What Do You Say at the Dinner Table? (#27)

Dec 10, 2020

Guest blogger:  Jessica Kanzler

One of my first introductions to politics was during dinner with my family. My dad was sitting across from me (I was probably six years old) and said, “In this family, we vote Republican.”

I remember he said it in the same tone he’d have said, “For breakfast, we will be eating bagels.” Casual, just another announcement.

To my...

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Is Colorblindness a Covert Way of Protecting Racism? (#26)

Dec 03, 2020

Guest blogger:  Nonjabulo Mlangeni

I had a White peer who was far from racist. She was in a long-term interracial relationship, and she and I lived together for a stint during college. I saw her regularly, often spoke to her at length, and never detected an inkling of discrimination. In fact, we shared similar political views; if anything, she may have been even more liberal than I. But...

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Peace and Gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day (#25)

Nov 26, 2020

As we begin our long-dreamed-of program – Pathfinders: Leadership for Racial and Social Justice – we are truly grateful for where the universe has taken us on this day.

We wish for you good fortune, good food, and the highest quality Zoom.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Leading Consciously, to all of you.

Amy, Eillen, Carole, Stephanie, and Jean


 Gratitude saying...

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The Road to Pathfinders: Leadership for Racial and Social Justice (#24)

Nov 19, 2020

Leading Consciously’s online membership program 

In less than two weeks, we will be launching our first membership program, Pathfinders: Leadership for Racial and Social Justice. To introduce it, I’d like to take you behind the scenes to how it came about and why we’re offering this opportunity.

I have been offering organizational leadership consulting and coaching...

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How To Bridge the Divide With the 47%. Why Now? (#23)

Nov 12, 2020

A few days ago, a good friend said, “you keep trying to get me to have empathy for White people.” She was not stating it as an accusation. For her, it was merely a statement of fact. I chuckled to myself, then asked, “is it working?”

“Yeah. No. I don’t know.”

That caused me to wonder. Am I actually pushing empathy for White people on my Black friends?...

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