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"This is uncertain terrain. Guilt. Anger. Sadness. Hope. Protests. Pandemic. None of us has the answer."

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The ability to lead consciously can open your eyes

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Discover how to reduce racism, promote inclusion in society, and join in insightful, non-judgmental exchanges of views and opinions on a variety of concepts.


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The ability to lead consciously can open your eyes

We are a leadership development firm that helps individuals and organizations create resilient, sustainable, multicultural, and inclusive settings. The ability to lead consciously can help you gain true awareness and earn the respect and trust of others.


Experience a more fulfilled life, greater effectiveness, and inclusiveness

Everyone should feel valued, capable, and empowered to contribute their insight in the workplace and the community. The tools and teachings offered by Leading Consciously help make that happen.

Individuals can alter their direction toward a more fulfilled life. Organizations can shift their expectations for greater effectiveness, inclusiveness, and ultimately the greater  good. 


Your assumptions are holding you back

It’s the assumptions that we have about people’s lives that are the biggest obstacles to growth, awareness, and success. We help you understand how those assumptions are preventing you from becoming the best you can be as an organization, a leader, and an individual.

Our Pathfinders Membership Program, questionnaires, and consulting and coaching services are all based on the concepts and skills from our book Reframing Change: How to Deal with Workplace Dynamics, Influence Others, and Bring People Together to Initiate Positive Change by Jean Kantambu Latting and V. Jean Ramsey.


It was through my work with Jean that I learned the idea of 'conscious use of self,' a concept that puts me at the center of creating my life.

Jennifer Joyce
Coaching for Quantum Leaps



I am convinced that the services of Leading Consciously are more than worth the investment. Simply put, they get results.

Stephen L. Williams
M.Ed., MPS Director

City of Houston
Human Services Department




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