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Meet our Leading Consciously team

Meet our
Leading Consciously team

Jean Latting
President, Founder
Organizational consultant, management coach, social scientist‚Äć
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Stephanie Foy
Senior Partner
Multidisciplinary consultant, leadership coach
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Amy Hageman
Leadership coach, content specialist, personal development geek
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Carole Marmell
Content Coordinator
Editing and proofreading for accuracy and a consistent style
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Eillen Cuartero
Project Manager
Web developer, statistician, and all things online
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Virginia Redmond
Graphic Designer/Scheduler
Graphic designer, contact and schedule podcast guests
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Alexis Quintal
Marketing Manager
Marketing analytics, digital marketing campaigns, public relations, and sales development
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Simi Lawoyin
L&D strategist, consultant, global educator, and learning experience designer
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Valentina Covarrubias
Social Media Specialist
Social media content creator, illustrator and designer
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Larry Hill
Facilitator of progress, authentic as unearthed gold, unwavering integrity
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V. Jean Ramsey
Book co-author, Sage Advisor
Co-authored Reframing Change and forthcoming sequel. Strategic direction advisor.
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