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This online self-paced program helps leaders conceptualize their place in the world.  The program was developed through research and years of experience providing  leaders development skills to help them move forward, get unstuck, and remove uncertainties when navigating change in multicultural environments.

This certificate program helps leaders gain a vision of what’s possible by reconceptualizing their place in the world.

About the ChangeMakers program

We help individuals and teams in organizations that are lacking understanding of multiculturalism and inclusivity, but they are open minded to change.

The current labor market is dealing with a constant stream of people of color

This type of environment does not allow individuals to grow, let alone the business.

Our program was designed to help individuals and teams develop the skills they need to form inclusive, productive work culture where people feel free to be their authentic selves.


Let's explore the structure of ChangeMakers

The online course includes these nine modules and the certificates you’ll earn as you progress:

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(Bronze level certification)

  • Prework
  • Agility, resilience, and connection - Take our proprietary assessment
  • Module 1
  • Prepare for transformation
  • ARC Inventory – What do your results say?
  • Form new habits to enhance your strengths
  • Module 2
  • Test negative assumptions based on multiple perspectives
  • Check for cultural assumptions
  • Module 3
  • Manage your emotions and calm triggers
  • Augment positive emotions
  • Module 4
  • How to give supportive and corrective feedback
  • How to receive feedback you don't agree with

(Silver level certification)

  • Module 5
  • Develop skills in openness and inquiry
  • Module 6
  • How to seek feedback
  • How to apologize effectively
  • Module 7
  • Recognize dominant - nondominant dynamics
  • Address chronic unease
  • Module 8
  • Respond to microaggressions
  • Antidotes to stereotyping

(Gold level certification)

  • Module 9
  • Conscious use of self as a leader and agent of change
  • Recognize your power and use it responsibly
  • Module 10
  • Initiate change in your organization or environment
  • Gain support for change
  • Module 11
  • Learn from the resistance
  • Ride the waves of change
  • Module 12
  • Three self-care practices in support of resilience

(Platinum level certification)

  • Module 13
  • Balance inclusion and equity with performance and accountability
  • Module 14
  • Personal responsibility for inclusion and performance
  • Module 15
  • Dilemmas of inclusive leadership – Member examples, I
  • Module 16
  • Dilemmas of inclusive leadership – Member examples, II

How to get started

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