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Celebrating one year of blog posts: Behind the scenes with our members (#53)

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Jean Latting
November 10, 2023
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Four organizational leaders share how they used our Pathfinders and DEI training to become successful inclusive leaders.

This week marks a full year of blog posts. Since these are central to the Pathfinders courses, we chose to mark the anniversary by interviewing some of the participants.

You can access all blogs on our website. (You may propose topics or ask about writing future blogs by contacting Eillen Cuartero, our talented webmaster.)

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In this vlog, Jean interviews four amazing members of the Pathfinders and DEI survey communities. Each is a well-respected leader in their organization.  Each is committed to fostering racial and social justice in their spheres of influence.  As you can see, they represent diverse industries: the corporate sector, small business, and nonprofit.

Sylvia Epps, Chief Operating Officer, Decision Information Resources

Sabrina Strawn (she, her, hers) | Community Engagement Manager | Alzheimer's Association Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter 

Cristina Vetrano, Chief Executive Officer, Ronald McDonald House-Houston

Erika D. Young, Director, Business Development, Pipelines at NextEra Energy Resources

We are honored that they willingly shared their time and talents to bring to you the challenges and benefits they gained from their participation with us.

Below are the questions they responded to.

00:21 What specific problem were you wanting guidance to solve?

02:42 What were the pain points of not having a solution?

06:23 What is it like to partner with us?

09:30 When did you realize you were getting results worth your while?

12:47 What big wins have you achieved by partnering with us?

15:53 What would you say to someone thinking about partnering with us?

Some common threads: All four spoke about the benefits of maintaining openness and honesty, willingness to hear feedback, forging ties with others in the group, and changes in their leadership approaches. They recognize the barriers and the struggle to overcome them. They consider themselves co-learners with their staff. And all four value the connection with Jean and Leading Consciously. We provide a safe and challenging space for growth.

Podcast production was expertly provided by

Mignon Y. DeJohn, Producer, Industreality

Dave DeJohn, Editor, Industreality

We salute all who participated in this vlog and hope you enjoy and benefit from what they offer.

We would love to hear your comments below.

Questions to ask yourself

  1. What are your biggest fears about opening yourself up for feedback?
  2. Which benefits described by the leaders most resonated with you?

Leading Consciously concepts and skills
covered in this blog post:

  • Building effective relationships
    • Engage in powerful listening
    • Develop skills in inquiry and openness
    • Learn how to give, receive, and seek feedback
    • Apologize effectively
  • Conscious use of self
    • Accept responsibility for your own contribution
    • Seek to understand others' perspectives; put yourself in their shoes
    • Adopt a learning orientation
  • Bridging differences
    • Learn to recognize dominant/nondominant dynamics
    • Address underlying systemic biases

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