Organizational Clients

We've had the privilege to work with many nonprofit and forprofit organizations over the years.

Houston Department of Health & Human Services
"They get results"

As the Director for the City of Houston Health and Human Services Department, it is my pleasure to recommend Leading Consciously for their solution oriented consulting services.

The City of Houston Health and Human Services Department hired Leading Consciously to facilitate its leadership team in the development of critical skills and strategies needed to create a unified focus, stronger commitment and enhanced public stewardship. Leading Consciously, represented by its principal consultants, Stephanie Foy, LMSW and Jean Latting, DrPH, exceeded my every expectation.

Leading Consciously demonstrated their expertise to communicate ideas and insights in a non-threatening manner and focus on strengths to improve team dynamics. They provided comprehensive team facilitation, empirically-based individual leadership assessments and effective skills training. In the one year that our organization has contracted with Leading Consciously, we have seen an increase in group cohesion, greater utilization of each other’s strengths, greater support and accountability of one another, as well as improved morale. As a result, I am convinced that the services of Leading Consciously are more than worth the investment. Simply put, they get results.

Finally, I would like to add that their willingness to provide individual consultation services demonstrated a genuine commitment to improve the organization and also helped us improve as individuals.

Stephen L. Williams, M.Ed., MPA
Director, City of Houston Health and Human Services Department

"Agility, resilience, and connection [are] necessary fundamentals"

It's been my experience that leadership and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work can easily get caught up in popular language around being a good ally/leader without a focus on the fundamentals it takes to achieve it. We all want to be better but lack the insight into the tools necessary to do it. I love the fact that Jean's research exposed agility, resilience, and connection as those necessary fundamentals. One doesn't just become a better ally or leader, it comes about through continuous self-work in these areas..

Gary Cooper
Diversity Product Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion Organization

Houston Airport System

We've loved the opportunity to grow and learn with the individuals we've come in touch with.

"Dr. Latting worked with me to hone my skills and identify self-defeating behaviors I have been guilty of in the past."

Dr. Latting is an excellent coach and a caring person. She worked with me to hone my skills and identify self-defeating behaviors I have been guilty of in the past. I’ve found that her main focus in coaching is to make us aware of our daily interactions with others, and how these interactions affect our relationships, in order to make recommendations.

We worked together on practicing the skills learned during the sessions. Emotional clearing was one of the most difficult for me due to the high level of stress and work overload but I practically was able to practice this in most situations prior to addressing issues with co-workers.

Testing my assumptions, on the other hand, was much easier for me and proved to be a very productive skill. It was helpful to learn what happens when we act on our assumptions, and what happens when we stop to think and test our assumptions. Not only that, but it also helps to see the reason others act the way they do. Overall, this has been an invaluable experience and I recommend Dr. Latting to anyone that needs coaching assistance.

Thank you Coach Jean!!!

Orfelinda C. Coronado, MSW, LCSW-S

"Dr. Latting enables students to build on their...strengths"

Dr. Latting’s class is second to none in that she challenges students to consider the way that they view themselves as individuals, employees and service-leaders. Words are the tools used to forge positive interactions, build connections/collaborations and work with one another to resolve complex social problems. Dr. Latting enables students to build on their communication strengths and acknowledge room for growth as she plants seeds of truth, wisdom and knowledge for those who wish to be leaders in the social service community.

Steven Hayes, MA LMSW CCM