Stories of Impact

What have learners gained?


  • Teams set a new vision for what they wanted to achieve and how they were going to work together to achieve it.
  • Leaders who stifled input during meetings learned how to solicit ideas and thoughts from them instead.
  • Leaders stopped snapping and berating others and instead learned to manage their internal upsets and teach direct reports how to learn from their mistakes.
  • Teams who didn’t dare mention race or sexual orientation in their conversations learned how to talk about both.


  • Manager who chronically avoided conflict gained the strength to stand up to a bully.
  • White manager held stereotypes about him held frank conversation with his manager, and was given more challenging assignments.
  • Individuals who had stifled their thoughts and ideas at meetings because they felt repeatedly shut down learned how to speak up, be heard, and gain their peers and managers’ respect.


  • Teams in different areas who didn’t communicate well together began to collaborate more actively.
  • Manager had an a-ha moment when he realized he was excluding those who did not share his gender and ethnicity. He deliberately become more inclusive in whom he chose to mentor.
  • Individual recovered a relationship with a colleague who had lost confidence in her. Managers realized how their actions had demoralized staff. They changed their approach and the performance of their direct reports improved dramatically.
  • Manager showed up more powerfully at work and gained the attention of senior managers.

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