Pathfinders: Leadership for Racial and Social Justice  

Leadership for Racial & Social Justice

Learn how to lead and thrive in a racially-charged environment

Pathfinders: Leadership for Racial and Social Justice is an online monthly membership program designed for anyone seeking guidance and support on the path to social justice. You’ll discover how to reduce racism, promote inclusion in society, and join in insightful, respectful exchanges of views and opinions tackling a variety of concepts.


Elephant in the room issues? Check.

Dr. Latting and her team of expert facilitators help you welcome difficult conversations about “elephant in the room” issues like power, race, and privilege. The result? You and your organization are empowered with a deeper understanding of race and equipped with the tools you need to advocate for social justice.

Course topics to help you lead and thrive in a racially-charged environment:

  1. Understanding race and racism: recognizing racism systemically and internally
  2. Waking up to uncover the basis and implications of racism, including one’s own societally induced attitudes toward it 
  3. Self-enterprising skills: developing skills to combat racism including overcoming your own ambivalences and self-sabotaging barriers
  4. Taking action: planning for informed action in collaboration with others


Isn’t it time you knew how to champion change?

The Pathfinders Membership Program leads organizations toward greater insight into the value of an empowered life, agile and resilient leadership, and culturally competent relationships with others.  

“When people learn how to speak in a way that others can hear them, it’s magical what happens.”
–  Jean Latting


In one year, we have seen an increase in group cohesion, greater utilization of each other’s strengths, greater support and accountability of one another and improved morale. I am convinced that the services of Leading Consciously are more than worth the investment. Simply put, they get results.

Stephen L. Williams
M.Ed., MPS Director

City of Houston
Human Services Department



I've found that her main focus in coaching is to make us aware of our daily interactions affect our relationships, in order to make recommendations.

Orfelinda C. Coronado





Your commitment? An hour and a half each week at a low-cost introductory rate of $35. Those who sign up now will be grandfathered in at the $35 month rate as long as they stay active.

Now I can finally champion change.
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