Kickstart your personal and professional growth  


They provided comprehensive team facilitation, empirically-based individual leadership assessments and effective skills training.

Stephen L. Williams
M.Ed., MPS Director

City of Houston
Human Services Department



Dr. Latting enables students to build on their communication strengths and acknowledge room for growth as she plants seeds of truth, wisdom and knowledge for those who wish to be leaders in the social service community.

Steven Hayes

A significant investment in human capital, administered by highly experienced professionals

The LCAT 360 organizational assessment is a significant investment in human capital. It involves systematically collecting information on an individuals’ fundamental competencies from interpersonal skills to business acumen and negotiation abilities.

Employees receive multiple perspectives of their performance from those outside their direct managers to enhance self-awareness and kickstart their personal and professional growth.

And having this type of assessment created and evaluated by professionals highly experienced in problem-solving, empathy, and advocacy is a major plus.


Does your team possess the attributes to succeed going forward?

The premise behind the LCAT 360 is to open the path for your organization and your team to move forward with a more effective use of internal resources and a greater understanding of shared goals.

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