We’re Glad You Asked  

Leadership for Racial & Social Justice

Q. Why are you offering this program?

A. This is a long-time dream for Dr. Jean Kantambu Latting, who envisioned a place where activists, advocates, and promoters of social justice could gain skills in how to work together. Because these leaders envision themselves as “fighting the system,” arguing and competing often become ingrained and they end up fighting one another versus collaborating.

Our models of leadership come from hierarchical and sometimes authoritarian organizations. Too often, Jean has witnessed people and groups wasting energy attacking each other or floundering in their attempts to do good. Building a new leadership model that values inclusiveness, transparency, cooperation, and integrity requires learning the skills that support these values. These skills will be taught in the Pathfinders Membership Program.


Q. Are you going to teach us how to protest?

A. That is not our focus. Other groups do that. You will learn how to listen and collaborate to pull off whatever actions you will take, possibly including a protest.


Q. What will I gain from this?

A. You will gain sustainable skills for leading change. Many leaders and advocates adopt as their models those whose tactics and approaches they deplore because it’s the only way they know. Our team at Leading Consciously is steeped in the technology of change and will help you learn how to change hearts and minds. What we share with you is sustainable. Although you can change people’s actions and policies through aggressive tactics, these changes may be short-lived. If you want lasting change, you must win people over.


Q. Who would benefit from this program?


  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals
  • Community organizers
  • Poverty and civil rights attorneys
  • Health policy analysts
  • Educators bringing multiculturalism into the classroom
  • Social workers
  • Nonprofit leaders
  • Public administration professionals who would love to see how government makes changes
  • Public safety officers who would love to see redirection in public safety
  • Managers and individual practitioners in the corporate environment who want their organization to become more heavily involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • ....and you – regardless of your profession – if any of this appeals to you.

We’re excited about the possibilities for cross-pollination that can occur across fields, work or community environments, and life perspectives.


Q. How much time will this program require? I’m already busy.

A. We know you’re busy. That’s why we designed the program so you would spend only about three hours every two weeks.

    • It will take about 15-30 minutes to read or watch the videos to learn that section’s skills.
    • Posting and responding to posts in our community forum gives you the opportunity to share with other members.
    • Skills practice should be integrated with your everyday activities, so it will be done in real time.
    • Group coaching calls will last an hour and will feature Q&As from you and other members to learn about your experiences. The net result is a rewarding experience.


Q. How much will it cost?

A. Initially, we’re pricing it at the low fee of $26.00 per month. For this, you will be considered a Founder. The rates are expected to go up in early 2021, but your rate will not increase as long as you remain a member in good standing. As a Founder, you get to help shape the membership program and retain the lowest membership fees available.


Q. How much will it cost for CEU applicants?

A. At the conclusion of the 8-week unit, you may apply for 12 CEUs for social workers in Texas. The cost for the certificate is $20 license fee a year.

Should you not complete the entire unit, you will receive 3 CEUs per completed 2-week module. Maximum number for this program is 12 CEUs per year.


Q. Why are you offering it at such a low cost?

A. This program offers the opportunity for members like you to effect real social change through a unique leadership model. As we kickstart it, we want a participation level that will help make that happen for as many as possible. We want to make sure that those who cannot afford our regular rates have a chance to be a part of this. As the price increases, we will offer scholarships.


Q. Do I have to pay month-to-month or is it cheaper by the year?

A. You can pay either month-to-month or for the year at a discount. As prices rise, we will offer a six-month option.


Q. How do I pay?

A. Click on the “Let me know more. I want in."



Q. Can I access the program on mobile?

A. Yes!  We encourage you to download the app so you can get notifications immediately.  You can download the Kajabi app on Google Play or Apple Store.


Q. What are the qualifications?

A. The applications will ask about your reasons for wanting to join and your current commitment to social justice. We want to know whether you have the emotional stability to handle the subject matter of this program. Given the contentious and polarized debate within the country, we need to know if you can engage in respectful dialogue with someone whose beliefs are in opposition to yours.

Also, as a Founder, you will be asked to commit to giving us feedback regularly and respond to our surveys. Your input is invaluable as we introduce this program and we are asking the Founders to align with us to refine it as we roll this out.


Q. How will I gain support from you?

A. Once per module (every two weeks) we will select a blog post for you to read. It will feature at least one skill that we think is critical for members to learn and practice. The selected skills will enhance your ability to engage in social justice work. You will be asked to reflect on it and complete a practice exercise within that two-week module. After that, we will have a Q&A where you can bring us questions about your practice exercise. The community forum will provide a chance to ask for, and receive, support from other members. Periodically, we will spotlight a member who has a complicated issue or has had a particular success. You will learn by doing, while we are with you every step of the way.


Q. I am not very self-disciplined. What if I fall behind?

A. When there are enough members, we plan to match members with accountability partners who can help each other stay on track. If you know you will need the support, we especially urge you to sign up for this feature. We will also provide you with tips to help you stick with the program.


Q. What if I need one-on-one coaching?

A. One-on-one coaching will be available for an extra fee.


Q. Suppose I sign up for the program and change my mind?

A. In the first month, you will get a full refund, no questions asked. After that, if you show us that you have completed the practice exercises and the reading, we will give you a prorated refund.


Q. Can my friend join with me at a reduced price?

A. Groups of three or more will be eligible for a reduced price. Organizations and teams should ask for a quote.


Q. What if I prefer videos to reading?

A. Reading the blog posts will be a requirement. Some months they will be videos but they will be written the majority of the time. Read one of our blog posts now to see if it presents a problem:

If so, send us an email so we can see what accommodations we can make. (For example, we can tell you how to set up text-to-speech on your computer.)


Q. My question hasn’t been answered here. Whom do I contact?

A. Feel free to [email protected]