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Comfort in a Time of Great Grief

Read about the journey of Rev. Dr. Jim Lockard in LESSONS FROM THE DEATH OF MY CHILD, in today’s blog.

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Do You Want to Be Right or Effective? (#13)

I discuss how to bridge the chasm between “I’m just now hearing you” and “why haven’t you been listening for the past 400 years?” .......................

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From Peril to Promise: How to Make Racial... (#12)

Jean (a nondominant) addresses "tone policing" and her personal experience about being shut down in a meeting by dominant people in that meeting.

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Runner at the starting line

How to Begin Again for the First Time

Carole Marmell has made a commitment to meaningful change. She is at the beginning of her journey and invites you to come along. Carole...

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How to Make Fear Work for You

The question is not how to eliminate fear. Rather, the question is how to move ahead in spite of the fear. A more advanced question is how to use the fear to help...

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