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Houston Department of Health & Human Services
"They get results"

As the Director for the City of Houston Health and Human Services Department, it is my pleasure to recommend Leading Consciously for their solution oriented consulting services.

The City of Houston Health and Human Services Department hired Leading Consciously to facilitate its leadership team in the development of critical skills and strategies needed to create a unified focus, stronger commitment and enhanced public stewardship. Leading Consciously, represented by its principal consultants, Stephanie Foy, LMSW and Jean Latting, DrPH, exceeded my every expectation.

Leading Consciously demonstrated their expertise to communicate ideas and insights in a non-threatening manner and focus on strengths to improve team dynamics. They provided comprehensive team facilitation, empirically-based individual leadership assessments and effective skills training. In the one year that our organization has contracted with Leading Consciously, we have seen an increase in group cohesion, greater utilization of each other’s strengths, greater support and accountability of one another, as well as improved morale. As a result, I am convinced that the services of Leading Consciously are more than worth the investment. Simply put, they get results.

Finally, I would like to add that their willingness to provide individual consultation services demonstrated a genuine commitment to improve the organization and also helped us improve as individuals.


Stephen L. Williams, M.Ed., MPA
Director, City of Houston Health and Human Services Department


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