Learn to respect diverse values and sustain real social change  

Jean’s personal philosophy:
 “I help my clients ‘level up’ by maximizing their potential in the workplace, community, and home and building supportive environments. Guiding them toward self-discovery is a highly productive, interactive experience.” 



Dr. Latting is an excellent coach and a caring person. She worked with me to hone my skills and identify self-defeating behaviors I have been guilty of in the past.

Orfelinda C. Coronado

Cross-cultural understanding. Fostering inclusion.

You’ve heard the terminology. If you know what the words represent, you know you need the tools to achieve them. If you’re not clear what they represent, you know you need to be. 

A supportive environment opens doors.

Leaders learn how to provide a supportive environment that encourages the growth and development of their employees. You and your team are taught to respect distinctly different values and sustain real social change.

The consulting and coaching offered by Leading Consciously opens doors to the right discussions in real time. Issues that are present within your organization are addressed in a highly productive, interactive experience.

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