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What Do You Say at the Dinner Table? (#27)

One of my first introductions to politics was during dinner with my family. My dad was sitting across from me (I was probably six years old) and said, “In this family, we vote Republican.”

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Is Colorblindness a Covert Way...

Colorblindness is that pretty set of curtains that creates a false utopian view. It makes us feel good about the world and ourselves but does nothing to create meaningful change.

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Rocky path in grassy field

The Road to Pathfinders

If you want to learn how to address racial and social justice issues and have a willingness to stretch and grow, join us...

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Oar rowing in river

The Election is Over: Now What is ... (#22)

It’s the day after the election. The results have not yet been called for the presidency, although they are tilting toward Biden. If so, we are likely to again...

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white and black chess piece facing each other

How to Go High When You Really Want...  (#19)

It's human nature to want to retaliate in kind when the other side hits below the belt. Jean makes a case for the effectiveness of going high, and the greater...

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Bridge on a cloudy day

How to Envision a World to Benefit Everyone (#18)

Dr. Barbara Love speaks about the power of transformation, about how we oppress ourselves, the pitfalls of helping others, and the plantation money...

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Runner at the starting line

Racialized Trauma and Learning How to Heal (#17)

Amy looks at racialized trauma, how it imprints in our bodies, and how it affects our relationships and the ability to empathize with others.

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Don't Just Sit There, Part 2: Initiate the...(#7)

"When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up.  You have to do something."

– Rep. John Lewis

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Protest in front of Capitol building

Don’t Just Sit There, Part 1: Do Something! (#6)

How can one person make a difference? Macro action-oriented approaches are all viable options, but personal actions can be more...

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3 kids of different race reading a book

A Rose by Any Other Name is Still a Rose...(#5)

What's better, Black or African American? If it's okay to say "people of color", why not say "colored person"?  What term do you usually say?

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Drawing of a broken heart by Morgan Travis

Broken Hearts -
Open Hearts

This week’s blog is about the momentous change I have witnessed over the last two weeks in White people’s awareness of systemic racism.

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A picture of Jean Latting’s bookshelf

Resources for Learning about Antiracism (#3)

Are you looking for reliable sources of information on race and racism in the workplace, your community...

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Fish swimming in a bowl asking “Water? What water?”

Behind the Scenes: Coming to Terms...(#2)

This week's blog focuses on White fragility and White privilege from the perspective of Amy Hageman.

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Protest by Christina Fisher

Your Breath

We are facing the potential for enormous change in today's workplace and the world. What we need now are...

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