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Conscious Change

How to Navigate Differences and Foster Inclusion in Everyday Relationships

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"Reframing Change gives us a better way to approach the task of effecting change. The authors, Jean Latting and Jean Ramsey provide a very different and well thought out approach. According to the authors, "People do not resist change - they resist being changed. People want to change on their own terms." When we try to bring about change by the use of logic or directive we will meet with resistance. And the more forceful our approach, the more resistance we will encounter. It is an approach that will result in failure. However this is the most common approach for most people - to demand change, to try to explain why the proposed change is a good thing."
John Chancellor
Latting and Ramsey give us a tested framework for initiating change and they take away the excuse that someone else or some external force has to be responsible for effecting that change. As we all suspect but are reluctant to admit, change begins with us. The good news is that Reframing Change documents that it is possible to change even the most ingrained habits. We can do that if we're willing to challenge our beliefs and align with our own values.
Dave Kinnear

Reframing Change

How to Deal with Workplace Dynamics, Influence Others, and Bring People together to Initiate Positive Change

A highly practical guide to help leaders make intentional choices and draw on their assets, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to influence others, bridge differences, and initiate positive change.
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