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How Will the Tools Help You?

Participation in the ARC Inventory will:

  • Provide you with greater insight about your existing strengths and developmental areas for becoming a more conscious leader.
  • Help you map out your own personal leadership development plan. After completing the assessment tool, you will immediately receive feedback on various aspects of your leadership.
  • Contribute to research on how to develop leaders in work and community settings.


How Will the Tools Help Your Organization?

The ARC Inventory will allow your organization to:

  • Assess and strengthen individuals’ ability to engage in specific aspects of conscious leadership.
  • Help managers more consciously use themselves to manage workplace dynamics, influence others, and bring people together to initiate positive change.
  • Do a before and after analysis of leadership capability – you may choose to administer one or more tools as a pre-test prior to consultation, training, or coaching with a follow-up post-test to measure change within the individual or group.


Leading Consciously 360º

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