Celebrate who you are and rethink who you aspire to be  

Leadership for Racial & Social Justice

As a leader, you want to stay at the top of your game. 

The  ARC Inventory is our primary self-assessment tool to measure your assumptions and characteristics.

Leaders are forced to navigate in a climate of hyper-change while remaining at the top of their game.   After completion of the ARC Inventory, you receive immediate results  outlining your strengths and developmental areas. During the debrief, you choose the strengths you wish to accentuate and the developmental areas you plan to improve.


You get to celebrate who you are and rethink who you aspire to be.

The ARC inventory provides a framework for you to become conscious of your habits and beliefs. You have the opportunity to identify key strengths to capitalize on.  You also get to rethink who you aspire to become and choose new behaviors as a result of your expanded awareness. 


A journey of discovery to regroup, grow, and flourish in a crazy world.

Our proprietary, self-administered  questionnaire  evaluates one’s propensity to  lead strategically (leadership agility), form strong  and collaborative relationships (connection), respond flexibly to others’  differences (cultural agility), and recoup after  facing  challenges (resilience). Those attributes allow leaders to discover how to regroup, grow, and flourish.  


Discover how to become a better leader today


I can't tell you what an impact you have had on my life both personally and professionally. What an opportunity I was given to learn. I think of you often and ask myself what would you advise. The little things I just didn't know and how amazing the impact was when I did.

Sue T.



Their willingness to provide individual consultation services demonstrated a genuine commitment to improve the organization and also helped us improve as individuals.

Stephen L. Williams
M.Ed., MPS Director

City of Houston
Human Services Department